Our History

Jay Stud Farm


The history of Marwari horses dates back to pre British era where they were used by the Indian kings for travel, trade and war purposes. An accurate origin of the Marwari horses is still a mystery, however they are renowned for their distinctive inward curving ears and elegant appearance signifying the cultural and historical fabric of Rajasthan .The Marwari horses are commonly known as riding horses many of which are used for shows, horse safaris, sports, ceremonial and religious purposes nowadays. 

The Jay Stud Farm owned by Mr Sidharth Gupta started in the year 2021 in Amritsar, Punjab. His affection for taking care of the horses grew with time and he found himself to be passionate about them. The Jay stud farm started initially with just 10 horses which slowly grew to a herd of horses consisting currently of more than 50+ horses. The list just not stops here as Mr. Sidharth Gupta has recently opened Canine space in his stud farm which consists of a variety of dog breeds from German Shephard to English mastiff and so on.

Mr. Sidharth Gupta is determined to make the Jay stud Farm as one of the prime stud farm out of the various others in India. In addition to this he also plans to add more equestrian activities in his stud farm creating awareness & knowledge about horses.

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