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The height of Marwari Mare extends to 140 cms or approximately 13.3 h. The Marwari Mare at the JSF extends a regal presence and captivating charm which is nothing short of awe-inspiring. The Marwari mare moves with effortless fluidity and commands attention with each step.

The beautiful mare at the JSF stands tall with its head held high and is adorned with a refined profile which speaks of its noble lineage. The mare at the JSF has expressive eyes which are deep and soulful reflecting intelligence and wisdom acquired through generations of heritage. The mare’s court is an example of nature’s artistry that shines with a luxurious luster. Her presence ignites the imagination, transporting those fortunate enough to witness her to a realm where dreams and reality intertwine.

Last but not the least the mare has some of the most exciting striking feature which are the magnificent curved ears which are gracefully curved inwards to meet each other creating a masterpiece of harmony and contrast.

Overall the Marwari Mare at the JSF is a living embodiment of beauty, strength, and grace. It is best to visit the farm to experience the sheer elegance of this beautiful Marwari Mare.


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*Remarks : Bakthawar’s Dam was from famous Tajan Ood which is the most famous blood line in Rajasthan and very rare Tajan Ood was famous for its natural gate and fearless character and had a characteristic of like one man horse used by famous warriand decoits of Rajasthan

**Remarks : Dam of this filly is by Rajkumar who was bought from Nagore fair by Anirudh Dada and later gifted to Bollywood actor Salman khan . Grand dam of this filly bought from sangria from where great legend Toofan belongs but Anirudh Dada is not sure about sire. This filly is registered in society with exact date of birth.
They will send her passport along with this filly.”

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