Marwari colt


The Marwari colt in Jay Stud Farm is a breathtaking embodiment of grace and youthful spirit. With its delicate yet sturdy frame, this enchanting young horse captivates hearts and ignites imaginations.

Jay Stud Farm eloquently takes care of it’s Marwari colt making sure all the required services like the food, grooming and shelter are provided to the same. The Marwari colt coat shimmers with a lustrous sheen, reflecting the warm rays of the sun and adding to its radiant presence.

The colt frolics and prances, its energy all around the farm house making a youthful exuberance which reminds us of the joy and adventures that lie ahead. The Marwari Colt represents not only a magnificent specimen of a breed but also a symbol of heritage and tradition. It carries the legacy of its ancestors, the noble steeds that once graced the battlefields and courtly affairs of ancient Rajput warriors. With each spirited gallop and spirited kick, the colt pays homage to its esteemed lineage, perpetuating a legacy that spans generations.

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