Marwari Horses

Home Horse Care


The Jay Stud Farm consists of a dedicated team of 25 people who takes care of the stud farm. Apart from the other stud farms around India, the Jay stud Farm provides heavy emphasis on catapulting the required facilities like 24X7 power supply, coolers for all the Marwari horses, ample space for horses to rest, high to medium walls for privacy and timely good quality of food supply to ensure the horses get the proper nutrition and energy to make them strong and sturdy.

These state of art facilities in Jay Stud Farm can only been seen in high standard and prominent stud farms of Europe. Also, to make sure that the stud farm is running smoothly, Mr. Gupta himself visits the stud farm frequently which in turns keeps the staff vigilant and motivated throughout.

In future, Mr Sidharth Gupta plans to expand the number of horses and canines in his stud farm and with it he also plans to increase the number of grooming tools, machinery and the number of staff in his stud farm.

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