Marwari FIlly


The Marwari Filly are kept well at the Jay Stud Farm, the filly with its graceful and captivating presence, embodies the essence of elegance and beauty. 

There is enough area in the JSF for Marwari filly to move freely. The filly at the JSF has got powerful limbs revealing the inner confidence and heritage of Marwari breed.

Taking about its most distinctive features are it’s exquisite ears which are curved inward and touch each other forming a unique and enchanting crescent shape. These elegant ears act as both symbol of nobility and functionality allowing the filly to possess an acute sense of hearing which further enhances it’s alertness and grace.

The fillies’ exterior radiates magnificence, the Marwari filly’s temperament and spirit are equally captivating. Known for its loyalty, intelligence, and bravery, it possesses a gentle nature that melds harmoniously with its fiery determination. Its innate sense of connection with its human companion is appreciable, as if the filly understands the unspoken language of trust and companionship.

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