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Good Stud Farms in India

Below is a list of good stud farms in India, the list will be updated on a regular basis to capture the best stud farms.  THROUGHBRED STUD FARMS Usha Stud Farm The Presence, Gate no. 8, Sector 23,HUDA Gurugram, Haryana 122022e-mail: md@ushastud.comWhatsapp: +91 98182 40606 Kunigal Stud Farm Mr Zeyn MirzaManaging DirectorUnited Racing & Bloodstock […]

Common Diseases in Indian Horses

CARE FOR HORSES For horse farming, suitable land which has barn or shed and open space should be selected. They require the shelter or shed which will help the horses to save them from wind and rainfall. Ensure that clean air and water facility should be there in selected land. In winters, the horses are […]

Diet or Feed for an Indian Horse

Horses are by nature grass eaters. Horses nutritional and behavioral needs will be met by grazing. Grass also contains fiber that is essential for horses. Your horse’s diet should be based on grass or forage. This is processed by products such as hay. A horse weighing 500kg should eat 7 to 10 kg of hay […]

How Much Do Horses Cost?

Anyone who owns a horse will probably tell you that the initial cost of the average riding horse is really only the tip of the iceberg. Keeping a horse is a luxury for many people. But how much does the ‘average’ horse cost? What’s the difference between a free horse, a Rs 50,000 horse, a […]

Marwari Horse Breed Standards

MARWARI CHARACTER STATEMENT The exotic beauty and vigour of the Marwari horse is their lasting heritage. Marwari was bred to lift the heart in battle and please the eye. He is easily recognized by his proud carriage, upright graceful neck and distinctive aquiline head with deep expressive eyes, The crowning glory of which are the […]

History of Marwari Horse

In the arid zone of India in Rajasthan in Marwar region a horse breed exists which is known as the ‘Marwari’, an elegant medium height, strong horse with an outstanding track record of bravery and loyalty in the battle fields of medieval periods. Famous for traveling long distances, they have strong feet and hooves. The […]