There existed no websites dedicated to listing of Indian horses. So, necessity was the root cause of developing this website. The platform was founded by Joseph Joy who is an Engineer by profession and a true lover of nature.


India’s first marketplace dedicated to promoting Swadeshi horses. Our love for nature and indigenous breeds took us in this journey of developing and dedicating this platform to the horse lovers of India. 


Our aim is empowerment of horse lovers in India; to make horses accessible to everyone, help in making buying and selling decisions and provide adequate information for the maintenance and training of horses.

Filly Tamjam


Stallion Badal



After dreaming for purchasing a marwari horse for years. Finally when the decision was taken to buy  a horse, it was tough for me to find good quality breeders and offsprings at a fair price.


This platform was made with ❤️ in India so that buyers, sellers and breeders of the Indian horses have an organized marketplace with pan India reach.

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